Hi, I'm Max Martinez. 
Product Designer from Colombia. 

Currently, Chief Product Officer at Gusher and Product Owner at Jammber.
I've been working remotely for more than 12 years with people around the world. Being both designer and developer give me the privilege to see the bigger picture, make smarter decisions, increase ROI, achieve goals faster and deliver high quality work. I’m highly focused on the end game and frankly just a consummate problem solver.

I’ve co-founded and shipped more than 5 amazing products and contributed to dozens. I even made a casual game just for fun. What I enjoy the most is to make pleasing and practical products what people love to use.

My creative process is cyclic and iterative based in short sprints within an agile framework. Always aiming for candid and frequent feedback to collaborate more efficiently.
Don't take my word for it...
Mark Hewson
Development Manager at Lead Forensics

Working with Max is an absolute pleasure. Ive worked with him on small and large projects from mobile apps to web applications and even logo's. He is professional and fast but most importantly his work is superb. Max puts a lot of thought into the design and UI flow of a project and turns the boring into something pleasurable to use. I cannot recommend him enough.
Ken Gaebler
CEO and Founder at WalkerSands

Max is an exceptionally strong front end coder with an intense focus on quality design and great client service. I worked with him on several projects in which he converted art files into web code, including HTML and CSS. He always did great work for us, and I would recommend him strongly to anyone who is looking for a development partner who understands design, user experience and what it means to create great code.
Mark Smith
Principal at KeywordFirst

I would highly recommend Max as a developer and a designer. He provides quality work and is a very creative and professional person.
Kimberly Blight
Product Marketing Specialist at Sprout Social

I worked with Max for a few years while at an agency. Max gets the job done. He is diligent, focused, and always delivered on time. I would highly recommend him.
Lindsay Slabbert
Business Analyst at Zapper South Africa

Sometimes working across different continents and cultures can be a bit daunting. Communication barriers can easily prevent us from getting the solutions we are looking for. I did not find this with you at all and that is what surprised me. I found your work to be very cutting edge and relevant to the target audience which we were looking to communicate with. I also like the fact that you present between 1-3 options – enough to give us options but not too many to confuse us! You always conveyed a strong idea of what you felt would work best which was shown throughout all options. I think it is always important to have an ‘out of town’ expert that you can consult with that can give you an objective view on your particular design challenge.
Karla Geldenhuys
Senior Business Analyst at Global Kinetic

We worked on such a massive and high profile project together, for clients that are demanding and have an incredible eye for detail. We were all part of the final solution, but Max was instrumental in ensuring that the finest detail was seen to and that user experiences were modernised and implemented in the best possible way. The consistency of applied elements and following of native functionality when putting together designs is fantastic. There was nothing surprising, as Max won the international design competition that was launched for the product, so I knew he was going to be great!
Mark L. Smith
Software Product Creator and Entrepreneur

He's fast to respond and easy to work with while iterating on a design. I am very happy with the work.
I would love to hear from you...
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